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Sports Injuries

Sports Injuries to Watch Out For

Playing sports is usually fun, but the activity also spawns a variety of characteristic sports injuries that may bring you into our Duluth, MN chiropractic clinic. Some of these injuries are hard to avoid, but that doesn't mean that they're inevitable. Here are a few of the top types of damage you face while engaging in sports, and what, if anything, can be done to minimize your chance of experiencing them.

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The risk of a concussion is highest in high-impact contact sports like football and rugby. Treatment typically involves rest, both of the body and the mind, as the brain heals. Chiropractic treatment may focus on the neck area, which is often damaged by the same impact that caused the concussion. Always wear your helmet when playing sports known to lead to this sort of injury, and try to avoid "bull charging" your opponents.

Knee Injuries

Any sport that requires you to make sharp turns, stops, or slides from a running speed have a high chance of causing knee injuries. In fact, damage to the knee is likely the most common of sports injuries because these moves are integral to the game itself. Football's turns and baseball's slides are notorious for causing knee pain in later life, and soccer is gaining the same reputation.

Reduce the chance of hurting your knees by minimizing the sharpness of your maneuvers, avoiding any slides when not completely necessary, and taking other such steps. When you do get an injury, don't copy the pros who rush back to the game before their knees could possibly have healed. Pamper your injured knee until it is completely back to normal.

Other Sports Injuries

Some sports don't seem too physically challenging, but they, too, can cause sports injuries. Running improperly causes impact damage to all of your weight-bearing joints, and this can result in crippling pain. Even golf can cause injury thanks to the twists you make when driving the ball. The best way to deter these injuries is to always use the proper form and equipment for the activity. Good running shoes, golf clubs that are the right length and other such hardware will help prevent improper strain on the body.

Seeking Treatment

A chiropractor such as our Dr. Zakrajsek is typically your best bet for the types of injuries sustained from sporting participation. Chiropractors manipulate the bones and soft tissues of the affected joint back into their proper positions. This corrects the way mechanical stresses are transmitted through and handled by, the body. Once everything is back in position, healing takes place faster and more completely.

To make an appointment with our chiropractor in Duluth, just call us at 218-724-6008. Dr. Zakrajsek will be happy to help you be pain-free again.


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