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Golfing the Right Way

Golfing is a fun, easy way to get exercise at any age but it is also an activity that is quite overlooked when it comes to injuries. Whether you are hitting at the driving range or off to your morning tee time, there are a few things that every golfer should know while they are on the course this summer.

Remember Proper Form - Even advanced golfers need to stay focused on their body postures and swings since improper body mechanics is a common way to put stress on your muscles. Remember to stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and rotated slightly outward, with your knees slightly bent. Hold your spine relatively straight; your trunk should be tilted forward, but most of that movement should come from your hips. Avoid hunching over the ball, which may contribute to neck and back strain. Most importantly do not over swing. If you swing the club too hard or too fast, you may stress your joints.

Warm Up & Take it Slow - It is always important to stretch and do a quick warm up before doing any physical activity. Also don't strain yourself trying to perfect your swing. Work up to the activity level your body is comfortable with and give your body proper rest afterwards.

Lift & Carry Clubs Carefully - Golfers who carry their own bags have higher rates of shoulder and back injuries than do other golfers. Also saying that doesn't mean you shouldn't carry your own bags. Just remember while lifting to keep your back straight and use your legs for strength.

Focus On the Ball - Elbow and wrist injuries are often the result of hitting the ground or the rough. So do yourself a favor and put extra effort in your accuracy when getting ready to swing.

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Happy Golfing!


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