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Grandma's Marathon 2017

This summer will be the 41st annual Grandma's Marathon here in Duluth and Two Harbors.grandmas-marathon-logo.png

Grandma's Marathon Inc. is a nonprofit organization that donates a percentage of their proceeds to partnering charities. All 50 states are represented at this event every year including 39 other countries. For those who are participating in the race or are running other marathons this summer, there are a few things to remember while training to reach your PR:

Wear Proper Foot Wear - The shoes should be relatively lightweight but provide good support, and the socks should be the type you wear in other races. If the shoes aren’t your regular training shoes, wear them on at least one 10-mile run at marathon pace. This test run will determine whether you’re likely to develop blisters or get sore feet–before it’s too late.

Hydrate Before and During The Race - Practice during your long runs with the sports drinks and energy gels you are planning to use during races. Find out how often your marathon will have aid stations, and practice drinking at that rate. If you don’t run with fluids, place bottles along your training route.

Practice Makes Perfect - Four or five days before the marathon, do a two- or three-mile marathon-pace run in your marathon outfit and shoes. Picture yourself on the course running strong and relaxed. Besides boosting your confidence, this run will provide one last little bit of conditioning and will help you lock in to race pace on marathon day.

Relax and Take Care of Your Body - Get lots of sleep and stick to a clean diet. Try to reduce the stress in your life as much as possible nearing the race.Try to have work projects under control, politely decline invitations to late nights out, and so on. Most of all, stay off your feet–save museum tours and shopping sprees for after the marathon.

Good luck to all runners!


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