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Good Posture & Health Benefits

Correcting your posture does even more than alleviate pain – it helps you look and feel better too! There are several physical and mental health benefits that are related to proper sitting and standing positions. Now that we know the best ways to sit and alleviate back pain, here are a few things that will also improve when you make these changes to your posture:

Decreased Health Risks

Maintaining good posture may help you avoid new health problems. Proper posture reduces abnormal wear and tear on joint surfaces, which can lead to arthritis. It also reduces stress on ligaments that connect spinal joints. Practicing proper posture will help you avoid habitual awkward sitting and standing positions that could lead to spinal disk problems and constricted blood vessels/nerves.

Opening Up Airways

Good posture allows you to focus on your core and opens up airways, which improves breathing. Proper breathing allows enhanced oxygen flow in the cardiopulmonary system. The blood then carries sufficient oxygen to the nervous system, organs and other tissues, so they function efficiently and effectively. Breathing properly also benefits the digestive system and sleep cycles.

Confidence In Your Appearance

Having good posture does wonders for outer appearance. By standing up straight, you make yourself look slimmer and younger which adds to self confidence. Next time you have an interview or a first date, remember that the little things like posture can make a big difference in first impressions.

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