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Headache and Migraine Relief

Your Source for Drug-Free Headache Relief in Duluth, MN

Anyone who dismisses that nagging discomfort between your eyes as "just a headache" clearly doesn't understand how distracting or even debilitating a recurring/chronic headache issue can be, from the dull ache of a typical tension headache to the sickening agony of a full-blown migraine attack. Fortunately, you can get this kind of treatment in Duluth, MN without relying on heavy pharmaceuticals, thanks to conservative headache care from our two practitioners at Kenwood Chiropractic, Dr. Timothy Zakrajsek, and Dr. Gayle Garness.

Man with chronic headaches needs to contact a chiropractor in Duluth, MN.

Anatomy of a Headache

Many headache sufferers don't realize the actual origin point of their trouble lies, not in the head, but in the neck. When muscles in this region tighten up and go into spasm, they pull on some very sensitive membranes near the cranium, such as the dura mater. This tugging causes the membranes to send out pain sensations. Anything that keeps your muscles abnormally tight can make you vulnerable to chronic tension headaches -- not just emotional stress, but also imbalances in the alignment between your head and your upper cervical spine that place your neck muscles under abnormal strain.

Migraines take headaches to an even more devastating level, adding nausea, vomiting, vision/hearing issues and other bizarre symptoms to the mix. While the underlying cause may be related to biochemical imbalances, the triggers seem to be everywhere, from foods and weather changes too, yes, emotional stress and neck tension.

Effective, Natural Treatment Options

Your chiropractor near Duluth can provide deeper, longer-lasting headache relief than any pill ever could. Cervical spinal adjustments can get your head situated evenly on your neck, eliminating that chronic neck strain. It's also good for migraines. By normalizing your nerve function and reducing stress-based triggers, chiropractic care can make your migraines both less severe and less frequent. Your chiropractor near Duluth can even provide nutritional and lifestyle advice to help you remove other migraine triggers from your routine.

Go With the Chiropractor Duluth, MN Trusts, Contact Us Today!

Nobody should have to go through life with a miserable pain in the head. Hand your headache issues to the chiropractor Duluth, MN trusts. Schedule a free initial consultation at Kenwood Chiropractic today at 218-724-6008 and experience the difference we can make in your life!

How often do you experience headaches? Are they tension headaches, or are they migraines?


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