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During the summer months it is a good time to save money on gas and to be environmentally friendly by riding your bike to work, to the gym, or to where ever your day takes you. Biking is a fun and easy way to incorporate exercise into your daily routine and as I mentioned before there are other benefits to indulging in this exercise. Like any other physical activity there are a few things every biker should know and practice while riding around this season.

Buy a Bike that Fits You - Comfort is key and that starts with buying a bike that is right for you body type.To find the right frame size for your body, straddle the bike and stand flat-footed. On a road bike, there should be one to two inches of clearance between your groin and the top tube. On a mountain bike, the clearance should be at least two inches.Your handlebars should be one inch lower than your seat top.

Positioning Your Seat - The seat is also an important component of the bike and you should pick one that is comfortable to you. Special anatomically designed saddles—wider and more cushioned at the back—are easy to install and gel-filled saddles or sheepskin pads can ease pressure and friction. When adjusting your seat make sure that your knee is only slightly bent at the bottom of each rotation. If it's bent too much, the seat is too low; if the knee locks when extended, or you have to reach for the pedal, the seat is too high.

Take it Slow - If you are out of shape, it's best to start slowly. Pedal just 30 minutes or so a day on flat terrain for the first three or four weeks. Gradually, you can increase the intensity of your riding and your choice of terrain, adding hills for a better workout.

Wear a Helmet - Biking helmets are extremely overlooked and a lot of people refuse to wear them while on the bike, but it is in everyone's best interest to start using one. More than 6,000 cyclists seek emergency care for head injuries each year in the U.S., and head trauma accounts for 75 percent of cycling fatalities. Used properly, bike helmets are nearly 90 percent effective in preventing brain injuries. So do yourself a favor and buy yourself a helmet!

Happy Biking!

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