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Why You need a Skilled Chiropractor for Auto Injuries

Why Your Auto Accident Injuries Need a Skilled Chiropractor near Duluth

If you recently survived a frightening auto accident -- or even a supposedly minor fender bender -- you may be delighted to still be among the living, but not so delighted about how you feel physically. Auto accident injuries can cause significant pain, neurological issues and functional limitations, either immediately or as an oddly delayed reaction. The longer you leave the problems untreated, the worse they may get -- which is why you need to visit Kenwood Chiropractic for help from your trusted chiropractor near Duluth.

Man with whiplash after a car accident.

Serious Damage, Debilitating Pain, and Deceptive Delayed Symptoms

Don't let that "minor incident" fool you -- even at just a few miles per hour, a collision can stop your car with enough force to create serious physical problems, including:

  • Whiplash - As your head suddenly moves forward and backward, it can strain the neck muscles, move cervical vertebral joints and pinch cervical nerve tissue.
  • Seat belt injuries - If your seat belt only restrains one side of your upper body, the resulting twisting in a collision can injure your upper back.
  • Lumbar injuries - If your lumbar vertebrae or their discs are pushed out of position, the sciatic nerve tissue may become pinched, causing the leg and low back symptoms are known as sciatica.

Feeling fine? Be warned that these injury symptoms can creep up on you days after the impact, thanks to the flood of adrenaline that accompanies such a trauma.

Contact the Chiropractor Duluth, MN turns to for Auto Injury Care

The smartest strategy is to consult the chiropractor Duluth, MN turns to for auto injury care -- Kenwood Chiropractic. We will perform a thorough spinal exam to catch any lurking injuries or identify any sources of obvious distress. Once we know how to help you, we can create your personalized auto injury rehabilitation and pain relief plan. This plan may include chiropractic adjustments to release pinched nerves and restore normal alignment, corrective exercises to help your muscles and connective tissue regain strength and flexibility, and other safe, conservative tactics to help you feel better and heal faster. Contact us at 218-724-6008 for a no-obligation initial consultation!

How fast were you going when you had your accident? Are you experiencing pain, and if so, where?


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