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Chiropractic Care for Neck Pain Relief

Pain in the Neck? You Need Our Duluth, MN Chiropractic Team!

If you refer to a truly annoying, frustrating person or situation as a "pain in the neck," then your feelings about genuine neck pain are all too clear. You're not alone in your discomfort; up to 45 percent of the American workforce suffers from neck pain, for instance. But how can you alleviate this condition without having to endure major surgery or become dependent on painkillers? The solutions you seek are available from our Duluth, MN chiropractic team at Kenwood Chiropractic.

Woman with neck pain needs chiropractic care.

Acute vs. Chronic Neck Pain

Neck pain may be associated with an acute problem, or it may be the end result of a chronic condition. Not all acute neck pain makes itself known, immediately, however; in the case of a traumatic auto accident, for example, you may be so "up" on adrenalin that the muscle damage, vertebral dislocation or nerve impingement caused by whiplash doesn’t hit you with pain until days after the crash. (That's why you should always get your neck checked out by your chiropractor near Duluth after any type of accident.) As for chronic neck pain, it may occur due to:

  • Repetitive motion strain or chronic overuse, as experienced by athletes or workers who must make stressful neck motions over and over
  • Degenerative spinal conditions such as spinal stenosis or cervical osteoarthritis
  • Bulging or herniated discs that press on the spinal cord and/or cervical nerve roots
  • Poor posture or pain-inducing habits such as "text neck"

Visit the Chiropractor Duluth, MN Relies on for Neck Pain Relief

Most neck pain can be resolved or managed with no need for either drugs or surgery -- so bring your problematic neck to the chiropractor Duluth, MN relies on for natural neck pain relief. We can figure out whether your pain stems from pinched nerves, vertebral joint issues or soft tissue damage (or all of the above). Chiropractic adjustments can put your cervical joints and discs back into their proper alignment to relieve your symptoms. You may also benefit from corrective exercises to rehabilitate a neck injury or lifestyle recommendations such as posture awareness and ergonomic changes at work. Contact us today to talk to your chiropractor near Duluth, make sure to take advantage of our free initial consultation!

How has neck pain limited your lifestyle? Tell us your story!


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