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Is There a Difference Between a Good Soreness or Pain?

Differentiating between soreness and pain is difficult for many people especially if you are constantly pushing yourself. Most people understand that working out especially after a few off days can cause some physical discomfort in the form of stiffness and soreness. If you are feeling a substantial amount pain during your exercise routine you shouldn't just continue to work through the pain.

Pain is a sign of soft tissue damage and if you don't pay attention to it this may end up causing permanent damage and scar tissue. You can identify soreness if your discomfort materializes into a dull, achy soreness.  This soreness is caused by a muscle strain and often goes away after several days of working out and proper resting. Often times with more significant pain, damaging pain can be sharp, shooting, or burning. This will often times cause you to avoid or adjust your daily workout or work activities. This type of pain should be avoided, and you should not work through the pain until you have an evaluation of your condition.


This type of pain is one that should be evaluated and addressed. Pain and soreness can be confusing as they're different types of pain. If you are not sure about your pain you should consult a qualified health care professional/chiropractor. Undergoing an evaluation can often times help identify the source of pain and this can be a better way to learn about these symptoms. At Kenwood Chiropractic, we can evaluate functional movements with your spine and extremities. A posture evaluation as well as muscle testing can be for fun. Chiropractors are uniquely qualified to address spinal bone alignment and relation to muscles and nerves. A consultation can provide you with a better understanding of your pain and give you some insight on which is the best way to move forward with your back, shoulder, or leg pain when working out.

Remember it is always to work smarter not harder and avoid any unnecessary injuries.

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